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  1. lol no!!! I mean I can't choose the club cars because my car is one of them.... and so is my boyfriends! We are democratic and fair here you know...
  2. ok mate well fingers crossed be good to see you, I reckon they would sort some food out for you anyway we don't want you drinking on an empty stomach now!
  3. hey peeps I have paid deposit now so please could you deposit the sum of five english pounds via paypal gift to hvr6 @hotmail (without the space!) Thank you please one month today we'll all have hangovers!!
  4. 10 of us? Is that final numbers? Credit crunch Xmas do... will still be fun though!
  5. I stand corrected..... or was I kneeling down... whichever (bah) (mo) (ci)
  6. Oh Adam, that wasn't Ultimate Dubs that was another time, I forget which one, so many to remember.....
  7. what's all this? You wanna be on the stand?!! lol What if I get a vr6oc tattoo? Will that show I'm loyal? Are you open too bribes? Yes that'd be great.... Bribe as much as you like.... You know I wont be making the decision through right?
  8. what's all this? You wanna be on the stand?!! lol
  9. correct never really had many more than that to choose from
  10. don't think so I remember choosing from around 7
  11. michael5556 caddyslammed cornishvr hvr6 andynick69 filtee is that everyone to choose from? Thanks
  12. I had 212 with Schrick, cams, filter and decat
  13. Gsf discount code?

    we get 10% as club members
  14. Ultimate dubs 2013

    no worries
  15. will be sorting this out in the next couple of weeks
  16. Ultimate dubs 2013

    yes see this thread http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?491334