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  1. Michelvr6

  2. Ex police VR6?

    any photo's of it?
  3. here are some fine mixe's to download for in the vr6 8o) http://www.acseven.com/site/mixes.html [ Edited ]
  4. i have olso alloy's that are normaly for the audi and can put max. 215x40x17 on them. i don't have any rubbing on the arches,but 205 is a good size ps. my golf is 40/40 koni/h&r lowerd [ Edited Thu Sep 02 2004, 07:22PM ]
  5. my new vr6 synchro

    hej frank,congrat's man.hope you have lot's of fun with it
  6. a member off the vr6 club has a intro movie on his site,it contane's lots off info about the vr6 engine. the only think is that it is dutch spoken,that i can't translate for you all. still i hope that you can untherstand a little bit of it by see'ing the movie.. http://www.vr6blackwidow.nl/introductie_VR6.wmv
  7. How to make a switchblade key, faq

    mine is for sale by the way,but than we have to transfere money before i send it. [ Edited Tue Aug 03 2004, 03:06PM ]
  8. How to make a switchblade key, faq

    50 euro
  9. How to make a switchblade key, faq

    you can mail them in englisch,that's what i did to.and they answere you in englisch back so that doesn't have to be a probblem. if it is still a prob. ask me..
  10. How to make a switchblade key, faq

    just check http://search.ebay.de/klappschluessel_W0QQsatitleZklappschlQfcssel that's where i got mine from.
  11. MK IV Headlights

    you just have to ask if they want to sent to the uk
  12. MK IV Headlights

    i don't know where to buy in the uk but in holland you can buy them here http://www.nlpower.com/www/prod_detail.php?id=10001026
  13. How to make a switchblade key, faq

    there are 2 cind's of key's in the switchblade,1 for de MKIV and 1 for the transporter(T4). the 1 for the T4 has a key that is the same cind as the MKIII key,so you have to ask for a T4 blade to use for the MKIII.
  14. MK IV Headlights

    you can buy the black aswel the zilver in a store,ore you can do it yourself's but that's a big job.
  15. my new vr6 synchro

    oeps,i forgot the skibox [ Edited Wed Jul 28 2004, 07:28AM ]