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  1. Is it just me?.....

    I use a silicone based lubricant aerosol i get from work ( for nothing ) the shine is excellent and lasts for ages.Not sure where you would get some though . p.s gotta be carefull not to get to much on the tread :@
  2. The Official Rolling Road Day Thread

    If there's still room i'll come down...let me know , thanks
  3. MPG

    Thanks everyone i'm getting about 120 - 130ish so it looks about norm.
  4. MPG

  5. MPG

    I know there's probably not too many of you can tell me this from the sounds of you , but lets give it a try.How many miles do you get to 20 quid if (and heres the tricky part) you drive lik a grandad on a sunday
  6. LINK ?

    Could someone explain (simply) how to put a link in.I'm hoping to put some pictures in of my vr soon. Technophobic me thinks
  7. The works

    Mine (you might have read)has beaver leather ? which is like a mushroom'ish colour
  8. The works

    Hi guys & gals, did vw make many vr's with everything on (a/c , e/s h/seats , full leather , e/m....etc) that were not highlines.I'm curious cos mine has got most if not the lot but it aint no highline :?
  9. [poll] Where abouts do you live?

    South shields - on the coast at the end of the tyne
  10. Could i please have your views on which ind. kit. everyone thinks (or knows ) is the best for the vr and how much i should pay for one. Cheers ppl
  11. My vr used to have a vsr conversion , k& n and also chipped.Under the bonnet now is a standard manifold and filter.....my question is will it still be chipped and how can you tell. p.s If i had another shrick put on would this chip (if it's still in )be friendly with it :? ?!
  12. Ages

    I'm 32 work as a mcn setter for a huge ciggy filter company. Had my vr for just over two years and only really starting to appreciate it now.Had a 1.9 205 (fast but cheap) and a mr2 t bar (solid but slow) they dont compare.Married with 2 kids = 5 door
  13. Thanks mate much appreciated
  14. As iv'e said before i'm not very clued up mechanical wise so a little help please %-6 .I have weitec suspension on my vr (is it any good) and wot is adjustable the ride , height or both :?