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  2. spoke to amd earlier on in week about pre programmed chip for my vr6- they asked the spec and said that they could do it but i'd have to send them my ecu!!
  3. not a great idea, for the simple reason if you let let everyone know that your picking these up for a fraction of the price that they are actually worth,all your gonna do is cheapen the product and lose any form of profit/minimal loss you may have had!oh and beside that i'd be a bit pissed off if it was me selling mine and i'd paid full price for it.
  4. i've got a proper vw metal one - try checking out hazet's web site(don't know address) cos that's who make it. as for cost, don't know best mates a mechanic in a vw dealership(mmm well priced oe parts)
  5. hiya mate, i run a trailer / towbar centre-main dealer for witter amongst others and i' d advise you not to have a witter towbar fitted to your golf 3 (nothing wrong with witter it just needs a big cut in the middle of your bumper ), type in WATLING ENGINEERING on your search engine, and you'll come up with said company.their towbar comes from underneath the rear bumper and doesn' t need a cut at all. hope that helps you. PS.they'll send direct and it;s a piece of piss to fit !!
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