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  1. ABS Pump

    I have the same problem. ABS Pump needed. Lots of scrapyards have them, but I'm a bit worried about the bleeding procedure... Nick
  2. [poll] Spoilers

    Yep, the first one. I was looking at buying this one too - it has a scoop and 2" hole for fitment of a cold air duct for your filter. I'll probably get a different one now, 'cos nickbee already thinks I'm copying him! Nick.
  3. Can anyone tell me what front grille this is?: I really want one for my VR6. Nick.
  4. Your motor looks well clean, mate. The Anteras look good with the silver. Nice one! The one I saw in Wycombe was a 3dr and mine is Gunmetal Grey, so that's four confirmed. Darn. Still happy with my choice though. It was between the Anteras and a set of Mk4 R32 replicas, and LOADS of people have got those now. Still, I've never seen that Kamei grille on a modded Mk3. The order goes in tomorrow. Will post pics when it's fitted.
  5. Cost of a respray

    I'm after a good bodyshop in Southampton too. Derbyshire is a bit too far for me to go. Nick.
  6. Oh, by the way, I found out about the grille on another forum. It's a Kamei grille cover that fits over the existing 2-slat grille on a GTI or VR6. Only one UK supplier on the web. At: http://www.impossible-performance.cwc.net/mk3_grilles.htm it's £50. Probably another £40 or so to get it sprayed & fitted. It doesn't look that great in the picture, but I've seen it on an actual car and it looks great IMO. One of the few grille conversions that allows you to keep the VW badge. OK, OK I know debadging has always been the trend with veedubs, but I like my badge. Nick
  7. Nickbee! I had the same shock this weekend when I saw another VR6 parked up in High Wycombe with the same 17" Antera 309s as me. So that's three of them then (unless the silver VR6 I saw was yours!) They look damn cool though. Got any pictures of your car? Nick.
  8. I've got in contact with the guy that built that car, Anthony Dowd. I'll let you know what he says.