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  1. I'm coming back to VW

    Well mine is becoming a bit expensive to look after now. I'd rather get rid of it while its still in great shape. It's done 80k now so im looking for a new car....... I've been trying to find out how much servicing cost from the dealer for an R32, do any of you know? cheers
  2. I'm coming back to VW

    Well my BMW was getting expensive and to be honest i want a new(ish) car now. I always liked Golfs as i've had a mk2 gti and a mk3 vr6. Now i'm starting my hunt for an r32 Does anyone know a good dealer or even a place to start??
  3. I'm coming back to VW

    hi guys, After a year of owning an m series BMW i've decided to come back to good old VW. I used to own a VR6 and i was very impressed with it, i'm now looking at getting an R32 golf. Does anyone know any forums that are dovoted to r32's?? As i've been away for a while please tell me if R32's are welcome here?? &| lol Cheers guys Darren
  4. [poll] Where abouts do you live?

    another not so far away from crawley. haywards heath, west sussex
  5. Thermostat housing

    I got my nextdoor neighbour to do it. It took us 1hr to do it max. as long as you drain all the coolant and disconnect the pipes joining the housing then its easy to do. darren
  6. Hi there, i have my Vr6 up for sale if you are interested? e-mail me at [email protected] for details. Darren
  7. Any one live down my way????

    Im south east as well. Haywards heath, Sussex
  8. [moved] Insurance for the VR6

    Hi there, Im in the middle of selling my car and it might be sold 2morrow. (fingers crossed) I got a quote, cos its due soon anyway from my insurance (tescos) for £800 FC. Im 22 with 3yrs NCD.
  9. cold air intake

    I fit mine through where the old airbox used to sit. As u look at the engine bay, so you have the induction on the left you should see a gap where the airbox went under the wing. If you put the pipe through there and down towards the front grill just under the fog lights it should go in without n e probs. Darren
  10. vr6 or gti

    Im currently selling mine at the moment as well. (its a vr6 not gti) E-mail me at [email protected] if u want the full spec cheers darren
  11. Engine won't start when HOT

    hi there, I havnt had this probelm before for my vr6, but did with my GTi. But it sounds like it could be a thermostat censor. Worth getting it check cos it wont get any better. Hope this helps and let me know the outcome. Darren
  12. Oil Temp??

    mine must have some super cooling system then. it never gets into the 100s !amazed
  13. Oil Temp??

    hi guys, My temp stays around 80-85 round town and when on motor ways or doing high speeds it sits between 90-95. Never seen it above 95 and deffintaly not 3 figures. Walkvr6 i'd get yours checked mate if its going to 110+.
  14. Ticking Noise from Clutch/Gear box

    UPDATE: Its the clutch bearing....thats gonna be a big job. Does eny1 know some1 of place that could do it in the Sussex area?
  15. Ticking Noise from Clutch/Gear box

    I heard it might be the clutch release bearing...n e 1 had this prob?