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Is my VR6 an OBD1 or OBD2?

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I need Help and apologies for touching on a topic which I'm sure has been discussed to the enth degree - I just want to get my car on the road at least to drive before my wallet runs completely dry.

Just want to get the experts advice please and asap car is in a mates garage and work came to a halt yesterday.

I have an obd1 to which in my desperation of getting it back on the rd, I slightly buggered the head and it could be fixed upon removal etc (long story).

I don't want to start again with wiring for an OBD2 etc just yet as I'm led to believe the engine is better (timing chain arrangement lasts longer??) however I've got the chance to get a 2.9 with a coil pack and a 2.9 bare block and head for a dizzy thrown in - will I even notice the difference of 100cc?.

If the rados were all obd1 yet some with C/P's will my existing obd1 loom/ecu be ok eg plug and play? is there anything else other than 100cc which makes the 2.8 different from a 2.9, are the gearbox straight swaps?

Or should I just get a 2.9 head or even just stick with a 2.8 head and keep it simple?

2 things I've noted myself are differences between heads, obd1 has 2 timing chains however obd2 has 1 chain but theres also an additinal hole beneath the inlet for an air pump/ valve thing???

Your earliest response and advice would be greatly received.

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I've got a mk3 VR6 '96/OBD2 and had a prang (slid into the back of a police 4x4 in the rain...ouch!)


i need to fit a new front end/rad mount, radiator, crash bar, front bumper and bonnet.

Will OBD1 parts fit an OBD2 for all of the above? I understand they may have upgraded the radiator fans etc. but just looking at replacement parts and can get good deals on '92 OBD1 parts but worried they won't fit!


Any help much appreciated.



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