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Cat Cams VR6 turbo conversion camshafts for 2.8 24V engine (long duration) - New in box - £675

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A pair of Cat Cams VR6 long duration Camshafts, both intake and exhaust sides for AQP-AUE VR6 2.8 liter 24 valve engines. Designed for turbo conversions.
These use the connecting chain and VVT tensioner between intake and exhaust.
Looking for bout £675 but open to sensible offers (they cost me £860!)
Purchased in error and been sat on the shelf for a year. Originally purchased through Pro-Race Engineering.

These have been opened and had a trial fitment to test valve lift but never used in a running engine so are in perfect condition.

These are now over a £1,000 to buy brand new so selling for a bargain!

Original spec sheet at http://www.catcams.com/products/camshafts/datasheet.aspx?ENGINE_id=344&CAMSETUP_id=2357&Language=english
Any questions, do get in touch. Happy to discuss shipping options or you can collect from Bourton-on-the-Water (UK).







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