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Probable (but not definite) electrical issue

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Yeah sorry about the slightly vague title but I have a couple of issues that I think are related. 

First is that the radio initially worked fine but very quickly became crackly (audibly) and intermittently now has barely any sound. I'm pretty certain it's not the tuning of the radio and maybe the connection to the speakers. I would hazard that its probably a connection to the speakers but it seems to coincide with the problems below.

In addition most of the time when driving the handbrake light turns on and stays on. ALSO the ABS light turns on, which if I'm braking at the time seems to engage the ABS even if I'm lightly braking. These two issues seem to coincide with with the radio issue too, the radio goes completely when the lights come on.

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The crackly radio could be simply the speakers distorting as they break down with age.

They may look fine, but the outer soft bit that mounts the cone to the frame decays so the sound is not correctly produced (or no sound at all!).


=> Inspect your speakers before going much further with this issue. If you have a spare speaker, connect it and see if the sound improves?



The brake system has two indicators on the dash:

  • Brake System
  • Brake pad wear indicator (this is an option)

The brake system light comes on with the handbrake OR if the brake fluid is low in the reservoir.

If you have the wear indicator installed, this illuminates when the front pads are low.


The ABS light may illuminate because the brake fluid may be low, rather than a problem with the ABS?


=> Check the brake fluid level first and make sure the switch on the cap of the brake reservoir works correctly.


Report back with your findings...

Have fun!

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