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Hey guys


Looking for some help/advice


My golf is running rough and trying to figure out what’s going on.


It won’t start unless I also press on the accelerator, it’s cranking fine but as I said no ignition unless I floor the pedal.


It’s idle is off but is steady above 20k revs.


Only error codes I’m getting consistently are camshaft sensors, which I have changed but no change to the issue.


I’ve had vcds on it to try and check the timing but couldn’t get a reading so that seems strange too. But no noise coming from chains etc and as I said it’s happy enough at higher revs so wondering if it’s something else going on.


It’s the 2002 24v DBE engine, on 103k miles so I know it’s due a chain/timing service but had been running perfectly and then the day after it’s MOT it’s freaked out on me.


No mechanical mods to car, and I changed the maf sensor last year when it gave me an issue.


Had local garage check all the normal stuff like spark plugs etc


As I said, would love thoughts or opinions on it.



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Hi Ben,

What is the actual error code for the camshaft sensor?

You can look it up on the Ross Tech wiki for further inspiration: 00515 - Ross-Tech Wiki (ross-tech.com)


You could also have an air leak (at some point after the MAF sensor). Maybe way too much air for the fuel?

Also, could the throttle body be clogged with dirt? I don't know how those throttle bodies handle idling.




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Thanks for the reply Phil,

Error code on vcds was 17748, I’ll have a look through Ross tech.

Going to have another look at all hoses etc, the local garage did do a smoke test and couldn’t see any leaks but will check everything again.

Throttle body does seem to be dirty so going to take that off and give it a good clean.

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Yeah it’s a strange one as the vcds didn’t pick up a reading so wondering if the sensors arnt great.

Got HAAS ones off eurocar parts. Two Bosch ones were out of budget atm.

Definitely looking to try the cheaper/free stuff before spending any big money.

Lad in another group said he had same symptoms and it was his vvt solenoids. Cleaned them up and was fine after so will consider that if all else fails and end up taking things to bits

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