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SOLD . . 94 Early 3 door VR6 for sale, Low Mileage!

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Yep, 2 vr’s and an 8v GTi - apart from the blue 3 door now, I was after another VR6 after having one way back in 2005, that one was a low miler too but can’t imagine what the body is like on it now - there were a few bad bits developing on it then. Was still taxed and mot’d this year though - so a survivor! L942EPL, nice in satin silver and had the blaupunkt speaker shelfs in the back too. I’ve hot them in the grey 5 door too!

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I've heard POR15 is the stuff to use - I've never personally as I'm still using the last of a very old tin of Finnegans No1, the rust converters available (like Jenolite) can leave an acidic residue that starts the corrosion process again, so I avoid! Bare metal and good damp proof primer has been my method over the last 15 years or so. Finnegans (the makers of Hammerite) has changed a lot (the VOC content removed) so the stuff newer than 15 years old or so just doesn't seem as good.


POR15 is available direct from them (US based), or from Frosts auto restoration here, big money though at close to £50 for just under a litre. I'll be switching to try it this year on the grey VR6, but that will be later in the year - probably summer once I've rebuilt the garage roof! There was some other stuff advertised in the classic car press over here - something to do with oil rig rustproofing - but can't remember the name at mo. A mate used it on his MX5 ten years or so ago, but the sills still rusted out! POR15 is spoken about (or was) on the Classic Audi forum and was recommended.

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