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My VR6 blows a crazy amount of smoke!!!

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Hi all I've got a 3.2L vr6 with 240000kms on it


It blows a crazy amount of blue/white smoke on startup fir the first 5kms of driving then it drives great


Compression is good, between 185& 200 on all cylinders


I've replaced the valve stem seals with the head on and it still blows a cloud of smoke on acceleration after engine breaking


Coolant levels are good there's no foam under the oil filler cap


I've replaced the pcv valve assembly


It had new timing chains 30000 ks ago before I bought it


Kinda running out of ideas....


How else could oil make its way into the cylinder, could the oil cooler be a suspect?


I've done a real thorough engine clean to try and clear any carbon build up on the oil rings and tried thicker oils with various oil stabilisers nothing seems to make a difference and it uses a lot of oil


I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow to get their take on it, no other mechanic can find a definitive answer to the problem and just say to get a new engine


Realistically 240000ks isn't that many my last Vw had nearly 5000000 and drove like new


Any help or ideas appreciated as I'm running out of options and can't continue driving round with this smoke




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