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New VR6 owner

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Hi guys


Just joined this forum as I have been lucky enough to get a lovely looking VR6. 

It’s a 1996 model and has not been run for 2 years as it was parked in a garage! I haven’t attempted to start it or anything yet but wanted to reach out to the community here for your advice please. 

I have owned a mk4 V5 and mk6 GTI before and love Golfs so want to try to get this VR6 up and running again. The previous owner was going to scrap it but I said I’ll have it and get it going again. It’s totally standard right now. It has cloth interior and climatronic. 

Firstly, what should I consider when I now try to start the car? It’ll need a new battery but do I need to drain the fuel etc?


also the sunroof is missing. Apparently previous owner was driving on the motorway and the sunroof clips had corroded and it flew off..!! Haha. I need to try and get a new sunroof unit or just the glass. Anyone got one here that I could have please..?




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Drain the fuel replace fuel filter.

Drain oil put new oil in there with new filter.

Put some Oil down the cylinders as well.

Turn it over with the master HT lead off, so the car will not fire up.

Once you have oil moving around the engine, car should be ok to fire up.


Good luck with the sunroof, that’s one of hardest parts to get so I’m told.




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