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first off, hope everyone on this forum is cool enough not to purchase this engine block out from under me. Guess we'll see. 

Ive been looking around for a project and came across this https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/481427675674822/

looks like it needs needs some work but has Wossner pistons and IE forged rods with 8:1 compression, all ready for boost and just needs a little machine work and a rebuilt. 

seems like a good deal, plus I can get a '01 (i think?) Cabrio from a friend for $400 that has the common trans problem,  good for a swap.

Ive built small block chevys, mod, and a ford/mazda 2.3, but nothing built for boost. 

Ive done engine swaps, but just putting v-8s into Rangers and S-10s, nothing like putting a VR6 into a Cabrio.

So what do you all think? Is this project worth it? How much will I end up spending on Heads, etc? Im aware of all the turbo/supercharger install costs, im fine with that as im looking to build an engine for boost anyway, this looks like it could save some serious money. 

I guess im really just looking for someone to tell me to go for it, but i would love some more info, tips, etc! Im hitting the search bar and google pretty hard, found some good resources so far but any  input from experienced VR6 builders on this specific block/rod/piston combo purchase and the swap in general. 

thanks so much, the search bar has been a huge help so far already!

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