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Golf mk4 2.8 v6 4motion turbo to 300bhp

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Im in serious consideration of purchasing a turbo kit my vr6 24v

Im only after 300bhp max, i dont want to change internals, just a compression gasket i believe is a you need.

Im not sure about injectors if anybody can advise?will i need 440 for 300bhp


Ive been doing alot of research the main thing i cant make my mind up is which turbo? 

Can anybody please help on best choices or even a variation of turbos that can be used for the vr6 24v and even there pros and cons if possible. 

Im trying to avoid the expensive garrets at £1000 plus


Many thanks





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300hp is very, very low boost, 10-12psi only would net you in-between 350-400hp depending on efficiency! You could run stock comp for 300hp+ but for longevity's sake try and replace as many nuts/bolts etc as you can if adding a de-comp plate and of course add an intercooler for the charge. Injectors would generally be dictated by what tune you are running, try and stick with Bosch if you can, 550's are popular but again, depends on the tune usually.


As for turbo, a good HX35 with 11-13cm turbine housing would be a good choice or maybe something from one of the JDM type of companies....









Don't forget to check fitment for your exhaust manifold, spool on the turbine side AR, budget internal v external wastegate etc if on a budget.

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