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Bouncing revs on start up

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Hey guys. I got this sweet vr6 with some starting issues.  O3 golf gti 2.8L

about half the time I start the car the revs bounce between. 1200rpms and 200rpms

it will bounce about 2-4 times, sometimes stalling out. After 4 bounces the car seems to run just fine. 

It has became worse now and the car stalls out more often. 

There is no check engine light on. 

Has any one had this problem, what could the problem be. Where should I start to look.


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I would start by checking your vacuum pipes as quite often if there is even a small leak this will cause idling issues and stalling. Also check your main air intake pipe after the air box and check there are no splits in it. Sometimes the split can be small so if in doubt remove the pipe and water test it. See picIMG_0016.jpg
Let me know if this helps
Cheers mark

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