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Hi guys I hope some of you kind people can help with my issue.


i have a mk3 vr6 which started to have warm/hot start problems where it would turn over for a long period before catching. When it finally catches it idles around 200rpm and bogging down when you give it a touch of the throttle but will eventually clear its throat so to speak and idle ok.


it has now started to do it every now and again from a cold start but with a load of grey smoke.


the last couple of days the idle has been high at around 1800rpm almost like the throttle is slightly stuck open. Will eventually sort itself out and idle around 850-900 rpm.


i am new to the vr6 engine but have experience with mk2, mk3 and mk4 engines. I am just looking for a few pointers or previous experiences of the above issues.





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not sure if it's what causing your problem, but just thought I'd give a tip on "hot start problem", I used to have a hot start problem with my Corrado VR6, where I tried pretty much everything to no avail, in the end it turns out some VW fuel pumps have a problem with the "non return" valve to the pump. The solution is easy fix as it's just to add a small "non return" valve in line with the fuel pump - if that's whats causing the problem, this was actually an official problem noted by VW where they supplied such a fix, but it's not available anymore (realy just a piece of hose with a built in non return valve). Sadly got some problem uploading an image on how I did it, but you can check out this thread where there is a picture on how I sorted this:




Hope you sort it out! cheers!



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Thank you for the reply mawrick, I have seen your post whilst searching the Internet and it’s on the list of this that could be worth doing to avoid future issues.


VR started perfectly fine this morning after being sat all weekend. When I got to work I checked the resistance of the blue temp sensor. Gauge at 90deg and I got a resistance reading of 223 ohms.


Went to leave work at the end of the day and went to start the VR and nothing. It just cranks and cranks and every so often it attempts to start but no life in the old girl.


I forgot to take another reading of the BTS but when I tested it yesterday on a cold engine the reading was within the specs I have found during my research.

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3 hours ago, mawrick said:

Have you checked the Engine speed sensor (crank sensor)?


IIRC if this start to act up it will cut of fuel pump. (among other things).

Hi Mawrick,


I have a sensor on order which should hopefully be in today. I did think crank sensor initially as it only occurred when the car had been on a run. I have tested the resistance of the sensor and it is within spec but we shall see what happens with the new sensor once fitted.

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