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Hi,I’m in Greater Manchester with my 1st v6

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Hello people.My names Alex I Signed upto the club a little while back but have had logging in issues up until now.


Soo..Not too long ago I bought my 1st mk4 Golf 4mo, 77k on the clock, full history and all for 1k, just needed the 4wd sorting which I finally got round to doing. Now I’m slowly tackling the cosmetics side to it wheels, bodywork etc.. 


Heres a pic of how she looks atm and I’ll keep you all updated as I go along. 

Any advice on what I can do and what should be done to these is greatly appreciated.  Ty





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Yh I’ve looked into that one already and would like to buy a milltek at some point. Also, I forgot to mention the car went to work on my pocket about 3 weeks ago and decided it wanted a new clutch/flywheel, so for now I’m having to keep the mods cheap n cheerful ?. But ty for the tip

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