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022109513a AUE Slider Rail

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This is a direct link to the guys profile. 




I payed around €110. 


Also not sure id but that rail off eBay. I messaged them asking if they could send it to the UK and it must have taken them the best part of a month to reply. It didn't fill me with confidence.

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On 2 grudnia 2017 at 3:45 PM, vwooks said:

Hi all, clutching at string here but here goes. 


I'm putting a 24v VR6 into my MK2 Golf. I just need the final piece of the jigsaw. I am desperately trying to find a chain tensioner/slider with the part number "022109513a" its no longer available from VW and so far I have not found another supplier. I have managed to get a 3D printed version of this part but I am not confident the plastic is up to the job. I have also been in contact with VW classic parts in Germany, they have the part on order but couldn't tell me when it would be available. 


So does anyone have one knocking about or know where I could get one? It's no.14 on the parts diagram. 







Do You still got 3d model file?

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