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  1. Just for reference these are all the cars it was in.
  2. I found the guy but I've been waiting days for a forum auth so I can message him. I can imagine its not far off the same price.
  3. https://m.ebay.de/itm/Gleitschiene-022109513A-Golf-4-Sharan-Bora-2-8-V6-AQP-AUE-AXJ-/182839523168?_mwBanner=1
  4. Where did you order the kit from? All the kits I saw, even the ones in Germany that were for our engine, showed the part in the photo but then in the small print say that the slider isn't included.
  5. I also came to a dead end with it. I've ordered a block of p66 nylon which is what it's made from and I'm gonna make my own at home. Block was £5 off ebay.
  6. Wasn't it only the 12v they had in the galaxy? I'm going searching...
  7. I need one too ?. Details would be great please
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