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New here... v6 4mo rebore to r32??

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As per the title really, has anyone rebored a v6 4mo block (81mm bore) to take r32 pistons and rods (84mm) i have both in my possession and work for an engine reconditioner so can rebore it for free in my own time.

I've done a bit of research and the rods are the same length, also the big end bearings are the same. but apparently the r32 pistons have a lower piston height to allow for a bigger stroke from the r32 crank which i haven't got.

For reference the engine codes ive been using are below:

BDE for the v6 4mo

BML for the R32

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I know it wont be a full 3.2 but going from 81mm to an 84mm bore will gain quite a bit of capacity gained.

Yep but the pistons won't reach the deck height because the pistons are shorter from pin to crown. Check that out 1st. The R32 crank stroke is longer and the rods are the same length for both engines therefore the crown height on the pistons should be shorter on the R32. So if you use a 2.8 crank the pistons won't reach they deck height. It would have low comp. Maybe you can turbocharge then.
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