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Mk.IV Golf V6 4Motion, Haldex drain plug

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Evening guys, just done a Haldex oil/filter change on my 2002 V6 4Motion.


Those of you who've done this, how tight did you do the drain plug on the bottom of the Haldex unit? Bentley manual says 25Nm which to my mind would rip the thread clean out as it's only a fine M10 thread going into alloy.


Some people on forums say 15Nm and when I spoke to a couple of independent VAG garages one said "just nip it up, it's only a drain plug" and the other advised tightening to 5-10Nm and painting a small line across the plug/casing in order to see if it's moved after a week or so. I've done this (10Nm with a new washer), been for a spirited (i.e not public-spirited) 25 mile drive on fairly bumpy/twisty roads and it hasn't moved/leaked so i'm inclined to leave it 1f642.png:-)


Thanks, interested to hear everyone's view on this!!

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