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Hi, I'm sorry if this has been asked but I looked through the FAQ section and couldn't find anything. 

After selling my vr6 corrado over 6 years ago Iv finally got my hands on another corrado, well most of a corrado ! 

My question is do mk3 vr6 golf front subframe and rear beam fit on a corrado. 

Many help will be greatly appreciated as I need to make progress with this project pretty quick she looks pretty sorry for herself at the minute. 


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I don't actually know if the Golf VR6 parts would fit correctly.


Looking at the part numbers, the rear beam may fit (depending on the donor car):
Corrado: 1h0 500 051q
Golf: 1h0 500 051q


The assembly carrier may not fit correctly (I don't know the difference):
Corrado: 535 199 315e
Golf: 1h0 199 315aa


Good luck with your project!

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