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Powerflow Exhausts. Any good?

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So I've decided to bite the bullet and sort the exhaust. One of 3 costly things I need to get her sorted.

I've rang around 8 different custom exhaust specialists and Powerflow have been the cheapest. The cat back system will be £399 all inclusive.

So I just wondered if anyone here had experience with Powerflow exhausts?. I know I can google reviews, but forum members are just as valuable for opinions.

Thank you.

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Hiya mate, not had one on my vr-yet, but had one made for my old hybrid turbo'd tdi pd bora. Have to say it wasnt too bad-i had a milltek decat downpipe that the fabricator was also more than happy to fit and work around. Very good service to be honest. Totally custom too which is good. Probably be my first port of call when i get round to doing my vr to be honest. But of course, im mo professional welder so cant really comment on the build quality etc, but never had a problem in 2 or 3 years with it.

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I've just read this 30 minutes after having it fitted. Thank you for the reply matey.


I'm glad I clarified with them prior to leaving the car there. They were under the impression that it was to be a strait through with a non resonated back box. After asking them for a middle box, They put one in.


Mine has gone on to a galaxy mk2 with 24v 2.8 VR6. 


It's loud. Very loud. Not exactly what I wanted to be honest. You know the deep drone you have from louder strait through exhausts?... that's what it sounds like at lower revs. I can live with it, but the Galaxy is the only car we own and I'm the only driver, so I don't know how the kids or specifically, my partner will act when they're in it.


That said, the extra 12 valves certainly make the car sound so much better when flooring it. That notorious R32 rasp steps in just after 4k revs. Very addictive.


It sounds overly loud when in narrow residential areas cruising at 30 or 20.


I've also attracted unwanted attention from a van full of travellers who went miles out of their way and back on themselves trying to follow me. Last glimpse I had after losing them down country lanes and turning off at a junction, was their van doing the better part of 70 or more past the road I dived into.

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