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North American mk3 Jetta vr6 with what I think is a electrical fault not sure!!

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Hi Dillon,

How are you unlocking the car?


1. Are you are turning the key in the door lock?

If the key is held in the unlock (or lock) position, the windows will open (or close) by design. You will have to hold the key in position for half a second or so before the windows move.


2. Are you using a remote keyfob?

Aftermarket alarms piggy back onto the above feature (usually to close the windows when arming). Some alarm allow you to lower the windows by holding down the unlock button on the keyfob.


Do the windows open a small gap, or open all the way down?

Do the window switches work correctly once you are in the car?


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Hi Philly

Yes just unlocking and i don't have a keyfob anyway..
If I hold for a half a second or so it will open/close the windows perfectly alright but if I give it a quick turn the Windows will jerk and leave a small gap?

I must say also my back windows don't work with any of the switches or open with the key like the fronts?!

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