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02m Swap info

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Mines booked in at the Phirm for this next year.

gearbox mount needs to be cut from the subframe and moved back 1/2 inch to clear drive shafts, good pics here  but only first couple of pages relevant - https://www.diyauto.com/manufacturers/volkswagen/generations/corrado/diys/consolidation-of-information-haldex-into-corrado-02m-syncro-by-jamess-1

custom gearbox mount - https://www.epytec.de/de/motor-getriebe-halter/vw-weitere/6221/6-gang-getriebehalter-02m-fuer-golf-passat-corrado-g60-16v-vr6-getriebe-halter-dxw-dqb?c=41

custom driveshafts

possibly a polo gear shift box

24v thermostat housing

24v starter motor

clutch and flywheel 

oh and a good gearbox,  HotGolf from the GTi forum is rebuilding a DRP (alleged strongest 02m) box for me and also going to remove some of the issues with the 02m.

which are -

hollow input shaft which can flex causing gears not to mesh - fix is weld shaft inside to create solid shaft

weak selector forks - VW upgraded them, so get latest revision or at least remove the rivet and weld a bolt instead.

plastic sliders wear out  - upgrade to bronze

4th gear shaft moves - 4th gear support, stops issues with gears not meshing under high torque

case splitting - custom supports

most of this is available online, Darkside do most of them and gives a small explanation why. top 6 items here (http://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/gearbox-parts/) i am in no way affiliated with the site ;-)

good luck






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