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Rear lower glass spoiler

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So, many years ago I bought a mk3 16v and had the votex body kit on it. Whilst having some repair work done at Chesterfield Vw over 13 years ago, this spoiler was for sale in the parts department. I bought it as it looked like the old skool zender spoiler.

Unfortunately the wife (ex now thank God) doesn't like it and didn't want it fitted.

So it's sat in my garage all that time. Its got to be pretty bloody rare , never fitted and great quality. Has hidden fixings that line up on the boot and a great bit of kit.

No idea on the price of an original bit of kit. If its priced way out let me know. I just thought it would be appreciated better here than on ebay.

Does 100 pounds sounds daft. Located Sheffield way or interesting to post


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They're aren't any markings on it. It certainly isn't some cheap fibre glass bendy rubbish. I've been trying to find the VW receipt as I keep all things like that but it must have gone with the folders when i sold the car.
Hopefully someone else may know more, although you don't see many/if any about

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