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Might sell up or do major work!

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Hello all,

I've got a v6 4mo with 70k on the clock, done a fair few oem upgrades on it (R32 arbs, R32 shocks and springs, Anni kit and headlights, R32 alloys loads more), and serviced all brakes haldex etc.

The thrust bearing is whining and has done for the past 2 years since I had it, do I get the clutch etc, water pump, chains changed, or sell up (what you reckon it's worth)? Might of found a 1.8t I like (don't kill me)


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Most mk4's suffer a lot of electrical issues, my sisters GTI was terrible !


If you have a good one and have already spend money (money which you will never get back, especially if there are a few more issues to address) then it would make sense to invest in the car you have now.


The new car is unknown - who knows if you need to spend a fiver or £500 on it?


At 70k you shouldn't need to do the chains, unless you are hearing the distinctive rattle, yes might be an idea to replace any guides / tensioners if damaged, but if all looks OK then no need to replace.


Water pump can be done without having to do chains - driven off the drive belt and is a DIY job - you can probably do it in a couple of hours and even re-use the coolant if its recent and drained into a clean container....


Clutch - Yes gearbox off job, but just replace with a good quality item and you are talking no more than a days labor at a garage.



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