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325bhp SC VR6 Corrado, inc Quaife, Methanol and loads more £28k+ in the build.

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£8995 Reduced to £8495

In Oxford


Selling with every part and spare i have accumulated over the years. 


Want to sell car whole, rather avoid breaking it. 


Ebay link. 




Feel free to ask me anything!






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final drop to £6495 with the following message

"NOTE: ADDED 11/10/16 
For anyone watching this waiting for the price to go down further, I now have a warehouse at my disposal from the 5th of November, the price WILL NOT drop again before that. If it is not sold by the 5th, i will be breaking the car for parts. So anyone genuinely interested please contact me with any offers. Otherwise the car will be off the market and split for parts as of the 05/11/16, something i really did not want to do. 
Charlie. " 

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