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Aircon Gas volume

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Hi, I'm just wanting to check as my local place doesn't have the mk3 listed for Ac gas amount and the sticker on the slam panel is long gone. I've seen everything from 650 to 850 grams and lots of mention of oil - is the oil lost when the gas leaks? Mine currently has no gas in the system and no leaks, so we went with 650 ( I found online on another forum while waiting!) The Ac seemed a bit better, compressor kicked in but not really cold air, now the compressor isn't engaging. I'd like to be sure before going back to have it checked out? Also, can anyone tell me for sure if the pressure switch can be changed without loosing gas, I might replace it to be honest as I'm suspicious its dodge, plenty of cold air when its bridged terminal 1 and 2


Sorry for the long post and many questions, thanks in advance



Ps. 97 golf mk3 vr6, non climatronic manual Ac.




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