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Guys I know we get discount from tps but I got a cracking deals on the bolts I've just purchased! I called TPS for the 2x strut bolts and nuts (strut to hub) for my corrado (golfs are the same) .. Also for the bolt and nut that goes through the rear leg bushe and into the chassis leg..

I ended up getting a price for roughly £3.55 per bolt and £2.40 per nut!!

Bearing in mind I needed 6 of each!!

£36 for 6 nuts and bolts!!

I looked online and then remembered there was a bolts and fasteners place opposite TPS Newcastle, gave them a call and he said to pop through with the original bolts and he would match them up or better them..

Ended up coming away with these beauties and guess what!! Total cost for everything £3!!!

They are better quality and stronger bolts with nylon nuts!! Just a little tip for anyone who may have snapped a few here and there and don't want to pay daft prices!! This place is amazing! Anyone wants the info or address let me know and I will post the address and phone number...


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There high tensile bolts, 

i've replaced almost every bolt in my engine bay with them, and loads on the rest of the car. 

except internal nuts and bolts. As some of these need to be stretch bolts, or specialised nuts and bolts. 


If I remember right the strut bolts are M12. 


A little tip paint the head on the black ones. As you may find the head rust, as there only chemically blacken. Not zinc coated like original bolts. And used copper grease on the thread to stop that from rusting. 

You can get them in different strength bolts as well. 

4.8 high tensile 

8.8 high tensile 

12.9 high tensile 

the higher the number the stronger the bolt. 


Also go for stainless nuts, marine grade A2 will be the best, as alsmot guarantee not to rust. But any stainless nut will be an upgrade and rust less. 


Most bolts in engine bay are:




(Internal engine bolts, some gearbox bolts, driveshaft bolts, are all specialist and should only be replaced with originals or upgraded ARP bolts.

Everything else can be changed, engine mount bolts, engine accessories, manifolds, all the little mounts and clip holders, battery tray, etc)  


Suspension, subframe, rear axel:



(I'd only recommend 12.9 high tensile for suspension and subframe, I use 12.9 on everything)


Exhaught system: 


(also use 12.9, can also replace the exhaught studs with high tensile) 


they can be different lengths, but just measure the bolts length your replacing, from underneath the head to the bottom of the thread.  

You can buy then on eBay, and most local fasteners and bolt places. 

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