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New-ish VR6 owner in the South-East UK

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Hi all,

I've been lurking for a long time as I've been wanting (needing) a VR6 for many years. I upgraded from a 1.8l Mk3 Driver to a 2.8l VR6 just before Christmas. The car still needs a lot of work as previous owner wanted a show car and a lot of bodge-jobs have come to light as the weeks go by so I am outside every weekend making it my own.

I almost didn't buy one as I do a lot of field work so a more economical car would make sense. A friend who owned a VR6 Corrado many years ago convinced me by saying that you can have really rubbish days at work or with your social life and you'll just be driving and the sound of the engine will just make it all better. I had that moment a few weeks back when I was travelling across the county to get home in rush hour on a Friday. The engine noise with the windows down slightly just made me beam. I didn't care that the heating didn't work, or that it's drinking oil, or that the alloys were a mess I was where I wanted to be.

Now enough of that hippy nonsense. I look forward to chatting with people here, and I've not really gone to any shows or meets before but I'm looking to change that.

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Get yourself out there and available for shows fella, we are a friendly show going bunch, I am from the south east, near to stansted airport.

There's zero car snobbery either, most people that I've met are still doing bits and pieces to their cars, changing bits and pieces etc.

Get yourself signed up to the first show and come and meet some of us!

We're a bit like crack, once you've met us you'll be hooked!!!!

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