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Bungys 4mo lives on

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Hi, I've recently purchased the indigo blue 4motion lovingly built by Bungy

Strange world... I met Bungy at the club annual meet in 2011 having just bought my own ,Silver, 4motion

Inspired by marks enthusiasm and ideas I set about making a few changes to my own car

Fast forward to this year and having decided the silver car was Probably not worth continuing with, despite serving me well, I started looking for a new project

I'd followed the blue cars progress, much like many others, and always wondered What it would end up being

Well, now maybe I'll find out

I can't promise to be as thorough as Mark with forum updates and I'll definately take it in a different direction with certain aspects... But hopefully I can finish it and present a tidy car

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Nice to know someone carried the torch for what was a very good car. Life overtook me and I found myself with a lower compression car and a part turbo conversion sat in the garage with no time to spare.

The decision to sell wasn't easy but felt like a weight of responsibility lifted when I did.

If she is up and running it would be amazing to see if it is still being lovingly cared for.

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