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Not a busting amount at the minute, just saving up for parts and working on the interior. seems like all i've been doing the past 6 months!

Hi guys, Been lurking round here for a while now, and I love this forum! So much so that it inspired me to buy a VR6 and a Vento Over the time I've been on here i have been plodding along with the c

Never use cheap tools!!!!!

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Bit of an update, been travelling all over the country picking up parts, High Five to the first person who can tell me what this stuffs for: ;)


Also got these Mercedes AMG Monoblocks reprayed in a sort of light greyish coulour, the picture isn't the best quality, opinions welcome.


Thanks :)

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You made much headway with the syncro/haldex conversion ?? Im in the process of doing the same with my vento, got most of the parts from my donor 4mo but really strugglin to find rear axle, i managed to get the axle itself on the bay for £20 so whipped that up now just gotta try find trailing arms etc. Good progress so far and good luck with the build :-)

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Thanks, I'm just collecting parts at the moment, got a complete 4motion setup, gearbox, props, rear diff and 4 driveshafts, and he threw in the old subframe and trailing arms, see if i can make something of them.

I also got a syncro setup off a passat, which i shall be selling really, as I want the 4mo drivetrain, better power handling e.t.c. got to make a jig up to hold the haldex diff in the syncro subframe, tempted by the dutchbuild stuff, as their weld on jig is not too bad and is a lot better then what I could make!

What subframe did you get? I got one off a old 2.8 passat, but thats more of a quattro setup, transverse gearbox e.t.c. but the subframe is a bit different, not sure whether to make do with that or get a mk3 one?

have a read through this thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4977281-Complete-step-by-step-Swapping-a-syncro-to-a-MK3.&highlight=syncro some great info on there, especially as its a vento too.

Hope all that makes sense!

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Despite popular belief, im still plodding on with this, engine just needs a few more bits, main bearings and intershaft bearings, and it will be ready for the rebuild. Managed to get a new cylinder head off Woodyman84 (cheers dude ;)) so will be getting new guides and seals to go with the new vlaves after a skim and valve reseating.

painted the block what looks like the brightest blue ever:


but decided against it, and went for a blackey bluey colour, the pics do it justice, but i really like it :)


Got round to cleaning the head out, my lazy way!


and got all the rubbish cleaned out of the block:




And got a big pile back from the powdercoaters, really chuffed with the work he did, looks awesome now!


just got left to do:


turbo manifold

turbo (Probably going for a holset.. something different i guess)


gearbox rebuild

haldex rebuild

work out where the haldex is going e.t.c.

oh and also updating this for car of the month ;)

Thats all folks.

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Quick update, got my integrated engineering valve guides and exhaust manifold flange finally after paying a hefty customs charge. (The US goverment in there infinitw wisdom decided the guides were bullets)

So the head rebuild and Operation Awesome Manifold can begin :)

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Right, bit of an update.

Heres a pic of my integrated eng valve guides:

With conical ends to aid air flow past them :)

And new manifold flange:

And some more bits:

Not sure if these pics will upload but basically got, sp high performance bearings, coolant plug set, intershaft bearing, and arp exhaust head studs.. no more binding studs for me!! :)

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