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Dreaded Scorpion 918 alarm

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After leaving my VR stationary for christmas I then went to start yesterday morning to find the battery almost drained, after an attempted jump start with a faulty positive jump lead the alarm armed LED on the steering column stayed permanently on and the fobs wouldn't disarm it and the engine would not turn over. With not much choice I disconnected the battery and charged it but after putting it back on the sequences I found to reset the alarm after reattaching a battery is not working for me. I have tried every possible combination but the alarm and immobiliser still stay on and the fobs will not disable them or work the central locking.

I read somewhere that this is because the alarm has been 'sparked' by the jump and triggered the alarm to lock, which means sending it back to Scorpion to get it fixed. I read that you used to be able to send the brain and fobs back to Scorpion and get them recoded but they haven't offered this service since 2008,

So I am now in the process of removing the glove box and unplugging and replugging in the brain, as I read somewhere that this has worked for someone.

So not holding out much hope that unplugging it and plugging it back in again is going to work I have a couple of questions for getting the alarm disabled.

Does anybody know of a good auto electrician/alarm shop in Suffolk?

Or would a main dealer be a better source for disconnecting it?

There is an alarm box in the front just to the right of the battery, where I think the alarm speaker is, that has a key slot under a cover, I have found on some Scorpions that this is where you can turn the alarm system off and others where it is where you turn the alarm speaker off, anybody have any ideas what it is on this version? As if the above doesn’t work I may as well try forcing the lock, as I don't have a key to it, to see if it does turn it off as at that point I don't have much to lose.

The funny thing is, I can get the engine started if I engage the ignition as soon as the battery connection is put on, but then as soon as the engine is stopped it goes back to alarm armed, immobilizer on and indicators flashing again, which is ok, apart from when you need to stop to get petrol!

Sorry for the epic explanation, but if anybody has any more suggestions or recommendations on how to get the alarm disabled or advise on where to take it to get it removed/disabled that would be most useful.


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