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Anyone know the cheapest please to buy this ? Is it better than medal of honour tier one ?

If you shop in Sainsbury's then it's £27.99 when you spend £30 in store. Think this is the best deal at the moment.

Bestbuy had it at £29.99 but that was yesterday only.

Not played it yet so cannot help with the other question

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Already Ordered MW2 proper addict level 10 prestige

I am only allowed to play on weekends now' date=' has anyone else got the turtle beech headset?


do you get ingame sounds and speach through them?

They are a wired amplified headset mate its like being there nothing comes near them. and surround sound you can hear people re loading through walls and then fMJ them its amazing I cant stress the quality of this headset mine was £90 and I would def recommend them as they are cheaper now. Honestly cant promote them enough

what model have you got i was thinking about X41 wireless jobbies

I have the earforce PX21 it cost me £90 so a new wireless set isnt an option yet or the wife will go nuts lol

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