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rough estimate for gearbox rebuild and fitting lsd

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can anyone from experience or from beign in the trade say approximately how much it would cost to have an 02a box rebuilt and lsd installed

and is there anyone on the forum who knows what they are doing and would want to take on such a job

...there maybe a group buy going so they could potentially have a few boxes to rebuild if they want to sort out a good price

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my box is fine - infact its supernice lol nice low miles etc :)

Im builind my vr turbo in June and am getting all the bits into place - the engine side of things i think i have handled now, and i do understand if i dont want to be blowing up drivetrain parts i need a turbo that doesnt spool up too early

but i am slightly worried with the fact that this is my only car, my daily car and as much care as i do give it - i truely give it a hard life on the road. don't get me wrong; i dont drive it like a little chav who just got his licence but i do push the car very hard and always like to join into a good chase with a car that "should" have me out-performed

This is why i want to try spend a little more time on the part of the build that seem liek the weekest link in the chain - we know the engine can comfortable handle a bit of boost - but the teeth seem to get stripped off the boxes due to the torque of the turbos coming in quite aggresively and early

I want to work off another gearbox so my car spends the least amount of time off the road

and if i dont want to pay extortionate amounts for the box it will be quite hard to test it prior to purchase -

so i figured if i get hold of a box - install a diff and give it a general rebuild whilst its apart to make sure everything is in order and anything else that is cost effective to strengthen the gears

3 ideas come to mind with the gears (but im not sure how good these ideas are yet)

- diesel gears as they are usually stronger to cope with diesel torque

- shot peen current gears

- cryogen freeze treat current gears


feel free to add your experience or "technicals knowledge" - no bullshit though please lol i mean that in the nicest way possible

and if i have any info here wrong sorry im just a normal guy trying researching and developing dont want to offend any of the warriors :)

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