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just purchased my 1st vr6... had a mk2 golfs and a mk1 project at mo but got a golf 3 vr6 now... which is all gooood BUT it seems to struggle if tryin to go slowly if that makes sense but clears bout 4500rpm ish and as much as i like bootin her i cant afford it all the time.... and she seems to not be runnin on every cylinder til past 4500rpm too...

anyways i was thinkin its got to be an ignition prob so leads and plugs gonna be checked tomorrow if it stops bloody rainin! lol but i read a post from a while back that it could be coilpack.... ?!?

its all goin ova my head a bit...i knew b4 i got her that they only like certain plugs and leads...

also the acc pedal seems to be stickin occasionally causin me to almost stall... sooo dunno wots doin this....

any help will be greatly appriciated

thankin u


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when cheaking the coilpack it might be easyer to take it off and have a good look at th underside of it,thats where mine went bad and i couldent see it.

if alls ok with that try the air flow meter thing on top of the air box, do a search on here to find out how to reset it.

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