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  1. rear end issues

    cool cool will try this later thnx
  2. hi all am really gutted... went to go to the rolling road day yes2day but 5miles up the road and she started rubbin on the rear drivers side wheel like constantly... i was due to do the bearing but i hadn't got around to it (i had replaced one about 3 weeks before) anyway under closer inspection the wheel is virtually touchin on the drivers side arch yet i can get my fingers between the wheel and arch on the passenger side ( which it wasnt like before) any1 with any ideas as to wot it could be? i'm hopin its mayb the bearin collapsed and that it hasn't caused any damage i dont think it'll be the coiovers cos i dont think they are that old so i was also wonderin about either the rear axle bushes (these arent that old either accordin to the receipts i got with the car) or maybe the strut top mount hope some1 can help i'm missin the infectious sound of the big vr already! also any ideas cheapest place for a water pump think thats starin to go aswell...
  3. my vr6

    i dunno really... was either tt comps or somethin quite rare dunno really... needs to sort the runnin out 1st thinks i need a new coil or somethin cos still runnin dodgy any suggestions wheel wise?
  4. my vr6

    finally uploaded the 1st pics of my vr6! this is how she looks now but she needs some work and got some stuff planned!! more pics will follow! heres the spec so far! decked on KW coilovers (keep catchin the front bumper on seemingly flat roads tho!) 18" multispoke alloys (bit too wide and not to my taste if any1 wants to make an offer on them swap or wotever) full longlife custom exhaust system with decat pipe kent cams new leads, dizzy, rotor cap,plugs etc! and loads of bodge wiring and dents in the floor by monkeys who shouldnt own cars!! new interior to come (just ent picked it up yet!) fsh etc please tell me what you guys think
  5. VR6OC National Meet 1-3 Aug 2008

    just wonderin.... accordin to the flyer on da 1st post... vr6 oc memers entry is free? is it all members or premium members? am i jst bein thick? lol am up 4 comin if ive got the money wanna meet and greet at my 1st vr6 meet
  6. vr6 running problems

    not meanin to sound stupid but ive heard bout this vagcom but dunno wot it actually is and who to approach who would av it.... would it work on a golf 2litre estate?
  7. VR6OC Rolling Road Day 1st Nov 2008

    any spaces left? just bought my 1st vr wit some engine work and keeps pullin past 7000rpm so must of bin played wit so interested to see wot she pushin out.... and its inly 5mins drive from mine
  8. hi just purchased my 1st vr6... had a mk2 golfs and a mk1 project at mo but got a golf 3 vr6 now... which is all gooood BUT it seems to struggle if tryin to go slowly if that makes sense but clears bout 4500rpm ish and as much as i like bootin her i cant afford it all the time.... and she seems to not be runnin on every cylinder til past 4500rpm too... anyways i was thinkin its got to be an ignition prob so leads and plugs gonna be checked tomorrow if it stops bloody rainin! lol but i read a post from a while back that it could be coilpack.... ?!? its all goin ova my head a bit...i knew b4 i got her that they only like certain plugs and leads... also the acc pedal seems to be stickin occasionally causin me to almost stall... sooo dunno wots doin this.... any help will be greatly appriciated thankin u john