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  1. I checked the main crank bearings and the rod bearings they all check out fine and spin free. I am figuring that it has to be the rings. BUT could it be a bad (rough) hone job that the rings will seat into? Or rings that are putting to much pressure on the cylinder walls or ??????
  2. So I have built many engines before so I am not new to engine building. I am new to the VR6 motor though. We bought my son a 2001 Jetta with a VR6 in it that had a bad timing chain. So after taking it apart to replace the chain and take the head off to fix the bent valves I figured I am almost all the way there to pulling the motor out I might as well freshen up the bottom end. I replace all the main and rod bearings and honed the cylinders Then gapped the rings BUT when I put the new rings on the pistons and installed all 6 pistons the rotating assembly is REALLY hard to spin over with a sock
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