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    Good afternoon,
    I have been looking for a VR6 engine to fit in a kit car that my son and I are building. Right from the start we have been thinking Audi TT 3.2. However, after much reading and also the quiet realisation we probably can't afford the Audi unit....my thoughts are turning towards one of the earlier engines.  There seems to be a lot of affection for them (hence this O C) not to mention tuning advice and aftermarket mods.
    What I need is a quick crash course in VR6 if anyone has a few minutes.  The draw of the 3.2 is the 250 BHP. How close can the other engines get to that? Not that peak power is everything, I'm really looking for a lively, responsive engine configuration that's fun to drive. I assume tuning is broadly about the usual intake, exhaust, and maybe cams?
    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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