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  1. @Doublestout42Good to see some progress. Funny how the engine bay looks huge......until you put an engine in there and suddenly every millimetre counts! I didn't realize how chunky the gearbox is on the VR6. And those are some quality tyres you've managed to get your hands on.☺️ We have made a decision on our engine and after a long chat with one of the guys at Aeon he convinced me to go with the Jaguar V6. We picked it up yesterday and I'm really happy with it. 97,000 miles, engine is very quiet, it has history and an mot until the summer. All for 750 of your English pounds and I didn
  2. Thanks for the link, that's a very good document. I think it may take 2 or 3 reads before it all sinks in but a really good reference point. The one thing It doesn't appear to address is my original point about all six inlet tracts are on the same side of the engine. So as this is a VR6, 3 of the inlet ports are several inches further into the cylinder head so this must affect the flow, the pressure waves and VE relative to the opposite cylinder bank. It doesn't matter what the variable intake is doing as you can't satisfy both requirements for any one engine speed?
  3. Thanks RBPE. So where would you spend your money for the best BHP per £ tuning wise. I can't see how much can be done on the inlet side with the complexities of the variable intake length system or does that get completely binned in favour of an aftermarket system. I have to admit I don't have a full grasp of how that side of things really works. I understand the "roller valve " mechanism which changes the inlet route and size but I don't follow how all the inlet tracts are of equal length when 3 of the 6 pass through the cylinder head to the other 3 cylinders. Same
  4. Thanks all for replying. These little snippets of info all help to build a better understanding for me. Doublestout42...An Aeon GT2...? Well there's a coincidence, as we too are building an Aeon, (also a 2 seater). I didn't think there were any more out there that weren't already fully built? We bought ours as a rolling chassis so lots of work already done but heaps more left to do. When I first posted this the VR6 was top of my preferred engine list but we have been looking at all sorts of options since then. 4 pot turbocharged engines from Audi/VW, Mazda and Saab. Ford
  5. Good afternoon, I have been looking for a VR6 engine to fit in a kit car that my son and I are building. Right from the start we have been thinking Audi TT 3.2. However, after much reading and also the quiet realisation we probably can't afford the Audi unit....my thoughts are turning towards one of the earlier engines. There seems to be a lot of affection for them (hence this O C) not to mention tuning advice and aftermarket mods. What I need is a quick crash course in VR6 if anyone has a few minutes. The draw of the 3.2 is the 250 BHP. How close can the other engine
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