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  2. Busy on the build, still waiting on more parts, but finished the ecu assembly and working on wiring now VID_20201107_165124.mp4
  3. Im not using a kit at all, putting everything together seperately.
  4. I figured it out thanks, its a 3 pin vr sensor 2pins for the sensor and 1 pin for sensor gnd
  5. Can anyone tell me what the pinout of the crank sensor is I have a picture from the wire that came off the crank sensor but i need to know the pinout 1. (Black) switched power? 2.(brown) ground? 3.(white) signal? I understand that vw uses hall effect sensors and not vr?
  6. Exhaust manifold fitted, entire head dissasembled flattened and valve seat ground in head reassembled
  7. Yes im planning on tuning it myself
  8. Im planning on using a megasquirt v3 as ecu, does anyone have experience with that and will it work with the oem sensors and what settings do i need to use
  9. Hi guys, im in the process of making a mk4 vr6 turbo, any help/suggestions are welcome
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