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  1. Most of the time it runs ok. But sometimes if i turn of the engine after driving say half an hour then turn it back on it splutters and cuts out untill i rev it i got a code for camshaft sensor high output so i changed the bank 1 sensor but still has that issue also I will try with the multimeter and see what i find thanks for the advice
  2. Hi guys wondered if u can help i have a mk4 golf vr6 and i have a issue when the radiator fan comes on the radio turns off completely. As if its been unpluged. Then comes back on when fan stops i thought it may be the fan switch but it dident work its got a new thermostat and temp sensor and cam shaft sensor as a code. Came up as cam sensor any help would be appreciated. Thnx
  3. If the leads and coil are ok it could possibly be an air leak someware
  4. Have u had it on a scanner to what codes come up
  5. Hi got an issue im not quite sure whats causing it Sometime when the engine fan comes on the radio will switch off and the abs and traction light will come on but goes out after a few seconds and on really hot days the fan wont come on untill the temp is around 110 or 120 i changed the coolent temp sensor and thermostat a few months ago i have a mk4. Golf vr6 4motion x reg thanks
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