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  1. Does your VR6 have a sunroof, think I can see on your pics. And in fact do all Mk3 VR6's have sunroof as standard? Reasons I say is cos my VR6 electric windows are out, but I'm putting it down to water leakage from the known damaged sunroof. Additionally I have the Special Edn Mk3 Golf, and the windows stopped working long before I discovered sunroof leakage. It may be wise to eliminate that first. I intend now the weather is turning, to take down the headliner, fix the sunroof, and repair the electrics. Wonder if anyone else has experienced this?
  2. Hi Danny, I too just landed a VR6 this April, but doesn't look the part like yours. Steadily to be improved upon. Can I ask if your feeding it Ghost Ship lol, is it spoof or cased round your air intake. Regards Barry
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