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  1.   Those same methods can work. It's about 60% the weight of steel. A jewelers saw works. The ring can fracture like a ceramic if it is squashed in a vise or if Journal bearing vise grips are used on it. Also, a hacksaw can work. A normal ring cutter works fine. The ring would need to be held still while cutting, but it is possible to use. For use in a bearing race, by definition, the material is made as hard as possible and has sharp square corners, so that was not a very smart thing to do. Don't underestimate how sharp they are even though they have those tiny teeth. This is a device that hospitals and jewelers have that has a small round blade that cuts through the ring. He had a hard time getting it off. Fortunately, this is not the case.Tungsten carbide is a different case. This is high speed bearing a saw with a fine blade with tiny teeth. It is so hard that it cannot be cut by normal means. In the tens of thousands of rings we have sold, we have had 2 customers that had to get rings cut off. This will get very hot unless liberally cooled with water during the process. The material used in titanium rings is not hardened like that and can be cut with a variety of different means. The emergency personnel had no problem with their normal equipment. The reason it's used in aerospace is because of its strength to weight ratio. Titanium has the reputation of being indestructible, but it's only about as strong as steel.I believe a lot of the Internet rumors started when some aerospace worker had the brilliant idea to use a titanium bearing race as a ring. Invariably in those discussions, there will also be someone who has heard on the Internet that they can't be cut, and emergency personnel will simply have to lop off a finger in case of emergency. Fortunately, the material starts as powder, and it is heated under extreme pressure to become a solid metal. Bolt cutters can work as well.. A Dremel tool with an abrasive disc can work. Even though the material is extremely hard, it's relatively brittle. Black zirconium rings will work the same as titanium.In essentially any discussion about titanium rings on the Internet, the question comes up if they can be cut off. In a pinch, a hammer could be used to crush it as well.I know these methods can work because I've had titanium rings taken off my own fingers by each of these methods. It is also harder to control, so resting the tool on something like a block of wood to steady the cut is advisable