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  1. Mk3 Golf Vr6 N Reg The ABS pump on my motor wasn't letting any fluid to the rear brakes so figured it was knackered. The part number was 1h2 614 217 B. I purchased another pump from fleebay to fit a mk3 gti The part number is 1h2 614 217 E. Now good and bad results the rear brakes are now receiving oil so I can stop on the master cylinder however the control module is having a little moan saying it's not coded correctly. Is it a main dealer thing or can anyone give/sell me the 5 digit code to make it talk?
  2. Recently I noticed that my high pressure oil sensor was seaping oil so thought best swap it out before I knew it I'd bought myself a full service set, in the process of changing the oil filter I was surprised to find the GSF had supplied me with a filter that looked different to the one coming out it was an all metal type with a gauze in one end. It fit into the housing fine. Started the engine and let it idle for a minute. All good. Soon as I drove the car the oil pressure warning system, piped up with the beep beep beep. So figured I'd go to VW for parts and they supplied me with t
  3. PS I figured the picture size thingy out sorry rooky town . . . .
  4. As requested Vr6pete
  5. Sure just figuring out how to share into a thread
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