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  1. Oh, other dream project besides a Mk1 Octy VR6T 4motion is a 1986 Mercedes-Benz W123 Estate Wagon with an OM648 Superturbo 500whp 1000Nm Just like her, though she has an OM606 "only" and mine wouldn't be so messy Anyway this is a bit off-topic, but I wanted to share it with you
  2. CALICO, is it an ARL? Which came with 150hp and a 6-speed? My friend has an AGR 1.9 TDI tuned up to ~200hp. I also know a couple of people with tuned 1.9 / 2.5 / 3.0 TDIs via a group. These engines are awesome, but yeah, you can easily spend a couple grands on the next stage
  3. Well, I don't really know. If it's a 6-speed which originally comes with this engine, then yes. I thought these engines are capable of twice the factory power, because this applies to Volkswagen's other engines. For example 1.8T inline 4, 20V - 300hp is expensive to achieve, but it can be tuned to that level. Other example is the good ol' 1.9 TDI - not the PD this time. "Easy" 200-220hp from a factory 90hp engine. As far as I know the VR5/6 engines were intended to be diesels, so the bottom end is made stronger because of that. But yeah, you are right. The VR6 is a N/A engine and th
  4. Hello RBPE! Yeah, you are right That's why I wrote I haven't been speaking(?) this language for so long. I messed up drivetrain with powertrain. I've checked the links you've sent. We call them the same in my mother language, so it's fine. I also mentioned this is just a plan I'm learning right now so I need time for other things first. Money is a different thing How much power can this setup hold safely in its stock form by the way? I guess getting a new head gasket, clutch is a must have, but what other things wpuld I need? What would be the most cost effective? Is 400
  5. Thank you very-very much for replying! Sorry, I thought drivetrain meant the (engine), transmission, driveshaft (if this is the thing under the car which rotates the rear wheels :D), etc. Maybe Googling these thing wouldn't have been a bad idea. So, basically the stock engine block and the transmission/4motion system can hold this much power? Of course changing to kevlar clutch or something like that is a must have, but is it sturdy enough? Have a nice day!
  6. Hello everyone! As you can read in the title, someday in the future I'd like to do an engine swap with these specs. The donor would most likely be a Sharan 2.8 VR6 24v 4motion 6-speed manual and the engine would go into a Skoda Octavia Mk1 which is almost the same as the Golf Mk4. I've heard that this engine in its stock form can easily hold up to 400whp. Now, if I wanted to increase horsepower, because why not :D, to about 500-550awhp, what would I have to change in the drivetrain? For example valve springs, rods, pistons, etc. Sorry if I've made any grammatical mista
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