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  1. Hi all, Have searched forums but unable to find a thread about 4motion steering wheel squib (I have searched Google too).Done airbag scan with VCDS lite and have a 00588 - Airbag Igniter; Driver Side (N95): Resistance too Low DTC come up. I have checked the squib (1J0 973 605 E) and it looks ok. I understand/been told that the mk4 has a common fault to do with the squib connectors (yellow connectors) and VW released a technical bulletin about it and recommended some new/better connectors or squib.Does any one know if this is correct and if so, what is the VW part number for them.Need to sort a
  2. Ps if I have posted in wrong place I apologise in advance, sorry.
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me locate some coolant hoses for my 2.8 AUE. When I went to main dealer is was told that VW don't manufacture or sell any coolant hoses for the mk4 2.8 any longer. I have searched forums, Google, eBay, etc but can't find anything. Can't even find a silicone kit anywhere. Am I gonna be better off doing silicone setup using individual bends and joiners or do any specialists still do OE or 4 Plus hoses? any help would be appreciated
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