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  1. This is the last I will say on this, I'm amazed some of have you stood up on your back legs and gone over board on the comments made. I stand by my point that I think THIS section is not well represented, is that infantile, surely not. Last night I read some interesting stuff on here the more I look the more I like the forum. Mkivs.net, is ok, like I said earlier it's full of kids who want to do stupid things with their cars, bored stiff of reading the same type posts. Nuff said
  2. As a moderator you show little understanding to my point, and showing sarcasm is rather pointless and somewhat infantile. Perhaps you should reconsider your comments, and try and understand a simple observation made by a new member, rather than be defensive why not try, if you can, to understand my comment.
  3. I'm not being negative, the section I'm interested in, is 4 motion/R32. Some of the subjects or issues raised are over 2 years old, this is my point. I'm new on here and was looking forward to reading interesting items, but unfortunately there are very few. Like many others I follow UK-Mkiv's, but in general it's kids giving poor advice, and kids doing what kids do, and have become a tad bored. I'm looking for some practical and helpful advice to some issues I'm experiencing and sadly there is none. I always read various forums everyday and will contribute to anyone if I can. The forum holds s
  4. It's a pity this forum is not well supported, shame
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